Benefits of an Intercom System

Security Benefits of an Intercom System

Intercom Systems with list of benefits

No matter what type of business or organization you are, it is important to ensure that your employees are safe. Many businesses are turning again to intercom systems and access control equipment.

Intercom system, also known as intercommunication device, is a standalone tool that can be installed on almost any property or building. Two-way communication allows the indoor person to communicate with the outside world via audio/visual communications.

Security Benefits of an Intercom System

1.Technology and intercom

Intercoms have seen many innovations in the IP revolution over the years. An intercom is a device that allows for enhanced audio and visual communication, and verbal interaction between two persons in different locations via a door union or room union.

It’s used to control and command commercial, financial, command, and energy properties. These devices are installed in flats and houses to help property owners verify their guests’ identities and prevent intruders accessing their homes.

2.Video and audio management can be integrated

Intercoms are well-known for their easy configuration of audio. However, the latest systems offer more than just audio communications. These systems provide both audio and visual management of door access. This increases the security of apartment intercom systems.

3.Protection of employees against harm

Intercom systems eliminate the need to have face-to-face physical contact with visitors. An employee can be safely tucked away in another area of the building or from their home using mobile access and still grant access to the visitor. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted visitors entering the building after an employee answers the call. Also, if the visitor is aware of Coronavirus, it can reduce their exposure to possible illness.

4.Provide internal access control

Intercom systems were traditionally considered to be an exteriorly-mounted piece of equipment. However, they can be used indoors as well. Intercom systems can be used in hospitals to block unauthorised access to wards outside of regular visiting hours. Before visitors are allowed to enter, they can be viewed by staff.

5.Reduce the need to install door security

Some businesses will always require manned security at their doors. However, in many cases this can be reduced or replaced by intercom systems. This could allow for more money to be invested in other areas or additional security measures.

6.Increase communication

Visitors will be able identify themselves when they arrive and be directed to the right area or department of your building. This is especially useful for busy areas. Visitors who are lost or have questions will be able find the staff member on the intercom. This works well in busy, fast-paced environments or on large, sprawling sites. For the sole purpose of answering questions and queries, you can provide specific bright red ‘Help” intercoms.

7.Increase your hours of operation

Intercom systems make it easier to access your site 24 hours a day. Intercom systems allow you to extend your hours and not have to hire security personnel. However, intercom systems can also be used to make it easier for employees to respond to calls from other locations or remotely.

8.Keep track of activity and keep time

Intercom systems are a great way to support payroll. You can log who comes to your building and when. This information can be used for both HR purposes and to assist with security investigations if something goes wrong.

9.Access requirements and support for people with disabilities

Businesses are more sensitive to the needs and abilities of those with special access requirements. You may have areas within your building that a person might need, but is unable to draw the attention of passers-by. A current law requires commercial buildings with one or more stories to provide safe refuge for anyone who isn’t able or unable to use evacuation lifts or fire escapes.

Specialist refuge point systems, which are two-way communication systems, allow rescue teams and trained staff to quickly diagnose and respond to emergencies.

10.Integration with CCTV

Intercom systems can be used to augment secure access to facilities. Instead of allowing unauthorized persons to gain access to a building without permission, a posted employee can view the individual inside the building via closed circuit television (CCTV). The intercom system allows both parties to communicate with each other. This allows for greater security at access points to a building.


Intercom systems can be used to communicate with other offices and allow for exterior access. Intercom and interior door access can be combined to restrict access to certain areas or wings within a facility. This allows only authorized personnel to enter high-priority areas.

12.Stop Crime

Intercom systems require that all persons who wish to enter a building must identify themselves. This prevents criminals and unauthorized personnel from entering your building, making it more secure.

13.Custom fit

Modern intercoms can be customized to meet your business’s needs. Modern-day intercoms offer many options, including video surveillance, biometric scanners and two-way communication.

14.Convenience at a high level

Intercom systems have advanced to the point that you no longer need to be awakened every time the doorbell rings. Intercom systems offer many benefits, including the convenience of being able speak to or see the person at the door. Other security features, such as buttons, can also be used to lock or unlock doors without the need for you to be physically present.

15.Improved communication

Intercom systems can be installed in strategic areas and at multiple entry points to commercial properties. These systems allow employees to communicate effectively within a given area. This facilitates communication, which is essential for all business operations. The systems also make it possible to quickly communicate important announcements to the correct people.

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Intercoms provide extra security because they screen people who wish to enter the house or business offices. If the person in front of the door isn’t confident enough, it is impossible for anyone to pass the door. This system prevents other crimes and forceful intrusions to a large extent.

Intercom systems also have other benefits, such as paging system and time announcements. They can also be used to forward calls, make emergency calls, and send out call forwarding requests.

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