Boom Barrier Integration contributes

How Boom Barrier Integration contributes to safety of your Apartment?

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Boom barriers, sometimes referred to in the form of boom gates is a bar or pole pivoting so that the boom can stop pedestrian or vehicular access via a controlled point. The typical point the boom gate is raised in a vertical arc until it reaches close to vertical.

Controlling the gates of a community is a daunting task. Communities that are situated located in busy streets will always have people coming and leaving the community. In this scenario, a dependable security system needs to be in place to monitor each vehicle and visitor who enters the property.

Everyone would like to work and live in safe and secure surroundings. This is the reason why every commercial and residential area use the latest technology to protect their surroundings. For security at entry points, where a heavy stream of visitors is Boom, Barriers are employed to manage visitors’ access.

How Boom Barrier Integration contributes to safety of your Apartment

There are many advantages and uses for Boom Barrier or security gate. Apart from providing an additional protection, the boom barrier offers security against crowds and blocks the access of uninvited visitors and vehicles on your residential property.


The greatest benefit of boom barriers is the fact that they are able to be operated both manually and automatically. In the past boom barriers were operated manually however the advent of technology has made them automated. Automated boom barriers can be easily connected to RFID card readers, which will authenticate visitors who are authorized to enter the building.


This article will discuss the necessity of the installation of boom barriers in gated communities, and how they effectively assist in keeping the track of vehicles and visitors that enter and leave the community.

Understanding Boom Barriers

When you visit a society or malls you may have seen the horizontal bar (usually with white and red) moving upwards and downwards to permit or deny cars after securing or issuing parking tickets. This is exactly what you call an obstacle to boom.

The device is designed to control vehicular and pedestrian movement and also provides security to the property. In recent times boom barriers are now connected to gated communities too.

The rising need for boom barriers within housing associations

Society today wants to secure their premises with absolute security. Having boom barriers as well as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags for vehicles helps them keep track of vehicles as well as people who enter and leave the premises.

The operation for a boom wall can be automated and can effectively identify visitor and vehicle parking and entry points it is among the most efficient tools to ensure a secure gate and visitor management.

In the long-term boom barriers can be cost-effective they are easy to maintain and operated and provide the most effective solution to manage traffic and people in gates in gated communities.

The types of Boom Barriers Based on the operational aspects:

Electromechanical Boom Barriers –

These types Boom barriers can be considered to be one of the most prestigious securities equipment’s for entrances that are that are used for day-time and night-time use in commercial or industrial environments. You can choose from various lengths of arms that are suitable to meet your security needs.

Hydraulic Boom Barriers:

The Boom barriers made of hydraulic are considered to be one of the most durable fences or entrance security devices currently. These kinds of barriers are only required when the security purpose requires a longer boom, which is a perfect solution.

Manual Boom Barriers:

These kinds of boom barriers can be placed in areas in which there is a restricted number of visitors for entry service entrances, or apartments for residential use. Electric switches are needed for operation of this.

The advantages of having a boom-barrier in our societies

Below, we will discuss some of the advantages of building the boom barrier.

Only approved entries are allowed.

With boom barriers installed and boom barriers in place, only vehicles with RFID tags supplied by the society will be allowed into the building and gain an access point to the gates. Vehicles without RFID tags would be refused entry at a minimum until they have been granted an official approval. Boom barriers are an extremely effective tool for stopping entry by unauthorised vehicles.

Vehicle entry and exit are is automated

The boom barriers can be automated, and vehicles entering a community are pre-approved, which makes surveillance of vehicles an easy task. Visitors’ and residents’ vehicles are separated in that visitors are approved by hand after obtaining permission from residents. This adds security to a community.

Contactless entry

Boom barriers open the possibility of a contactless vehicle registration, which could be an enormous benefit, particularly in the post-COVID world. The system automatically gathers the details of the vehicles that enter and then approves them electronically, ensuring there is no requirement for the security personnel to be near to the vehicle, unless required. Boom barriers here don’t just provide security, they additionally ensure little contact between employees and guests.

Integration of Easy Integration with Security Equipment Easy Integration with Security Equipment

Security gates are easily connected to Number Plate Recognition Cameras RFID, and additional access devices to ensure safer and more secure operation. When integrated with number plate readers, they allow vehicles to pass only after it has been successfully authenticated. This provides double-layer security since it records the all the information needed.


With the installation of the Automatic Boom Barrier the convenience for the user increases since it opens automatically when you have been successfully authenticated. Instead of having to get out of your car to open manually the gate, you are able to enter the gate and verify your identity using RFID readers.

Checks for security that are fool proof

Boom barriers provide the highest security for gates that one could expect since they’re controlled via biometric sensors remote controls and/or push buttons. This system prevents fraudsters from entering and the system that is digitally integrated allows for secure entry and exit screening.


Boom barriers are being sought-after by homeowners of communities with gated access, builders as well as gated communities’ management systems due to their security that is fool proof.

For large societies with an abundance of foot traffic and traffic boom barriers can be useful for controlling the movement of vehicles and overall costs are minimal if we consider it over the long term.

In addition to its advantages, there are other important factors that need to be understood prior to its introduction. Here are a few principal operational strategies that boom barriers can be used for.

  • Push Buttons
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags / RFID Readers
  • Access Control Device
  • Identification Camera for Number Plates


Other than the boom barrier, which is typically equipped with a gate security hardware system gates can also be improved by using CCTV cameras (though in this scenario integration is not recommended due to the massive volume of data) Video analysis, hydraulic tyre spikes and intercom systems.

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