How to Secure Your Home With Access Control System

How to Secure Your Home With Access Control System

Our homes should be safe havens from outside stressors, places that allow us to feel secure and free from fear. Unfortunately, our world doesn’t always live up to that ideal. We have compiled a step-by–step guide to protect your home against all threats, including burglary.

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You will find many factors to consider when securing your home. This list will help you get started on the path to security and safety. This is how to avoid being a target for burglaries.

How do I set up a security system?

To keep any potential threat away from your home, setting up a home alarm system is one of most simple steps you can make. Check out our top home security systems. First, you will need to decide whether to purchase a wired or wireless home security system. For wireless systems, professional installation is required. However, a DIY route is possible for wired systems. Find out more about DIY installation and DIY home security systems. Although the details of each brand’s installation are different, there are some common steps.

How do I install a wireless home security system?

Install the home security system.

You can place sensors all throughout your home including glass-break sensors, door sensors, and window sensors. Place motion detectors in places such as corners or entranceways that offer wide exposure, such as the corners of front rooms.

You should place security cameras in areas that are most important, such as your front door and main living space. When placing security cameras, make sure you cover every angle that could show someone breaking in through a window or door.

Install all connected apps on your smartphone and/or other devices that you intend to use to access security system.

Connect the main security panel with your Wi-Fi home network.

You can add all the components of the system, including cameras and sensors, to your account.

How to Install a Video Doorbell?

Another important safety feature is the video doorbell. You can see and talk to delivery persons or visitors, which gives you security before you open your door. They are easy to install. These are the basics:

Determine whether your doorbell is wired, wireless or both.

Remove an existing wired doorbell that is not in use and disconnect it. Then, connect the wires to the smart doorbell. You can either hire an electrician to put the wiring in or get an adaptor that has a wire that will allow you to plug your doorbell into a socket.

It is much easier to install a wireless video camera doorbell. Install the fully charged batteries first.

Attach the mounting bracket included with your doorbell to the outside of your home. This usually involves drilling holes and screwing in the device. However, bricks or stones may require additional hardware.

After installing the doorbell, you will need to create an account and set up the app so that you can receive videos.

You can connect your doorbell with Wi-Fi, and you can name it in your App so that you can track multiple devices.

To make sure that you get alerts and video feeds from your phone whenever someone rings the doorbell, test it.

What should I do with security lighting?

By keeping robbers guessing when you are home and eliminating any shadowy areas on your property, security lighting can be a significant deterrent. Standard indoor and outdoor lights can be set up on timers. Smart lighting can be set up to appear as if you are moving along your daily routine. Home automation is a great idea!

How to Install Motion-Detector Lighting?

  •       It’s simple to replace wired floodlights with motion-detecting smart ones if you already have them. This is just as you would do with an old standard light.
  •       Turn off the power supply to the floodlights from the service panel.
  •       Take out the floodlights and carefully disconnect the wires.
  •       Run the motion sensor wires though the rubber gasket, and then splice them using wire nuts.
  •       Place the light on the box and place the gasket to keep it dry.
  •       You can restore power and adjust the position of the light by loosening locknuts, moving it into its proper place and tightening them.
  •       To activate the motion detector, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  •       If you don’t have wired floodlights installed, an electrician can install them. You can also use solar-powered lights or plug into external power sources.

How can I secure my garage?

Although the thought of our house being robbed may be the worst, it’s not surprising that garages are easier to break into than houses. They can also contain expensive items. It is possible to protect your toys and cars by taking some precautions.

Use a Smart Garage Doors Opener

Smart garage door openers add extra security as they let you open and close the garage using your smartphone. This means that you can still access your garage door even if it is lost or you forget to close it.

Garage door openers should never be left in your car. They could allow a burglar to gain entry to your home in the case of a break-in. A garage security system can also be installed to secure your garage.

Additional Safety Tips for Garages

Garage doors come in many different styles and are not always the most secure. First, make sure your garage door is not able to be lifted when closed. A garage door lock is an option if your garage door can be lifted open. It may seem inconvenient but it will ensure safety. Remember to lock your garage door if it connects to your house. This is often the easiest spot to break into.

It’s important to not tempt wrongdoers. You should keep expensive cars and other equipment out of your garage. Also, make sure that no one is able to see the contents. It is always a good idea to install motion detection lights outside.

How do I secure my doors?

You can’t rely on locks to protect your doors. Don’t panic! There are simple steps that can increase their security.

Install Deadbolts.

Regular locks will not deter burglars. Install deadbolts on exterior doors and lock them for greater security.

A double-cylinder deadbolt is a good option if you have windows next to your doors. This requires a key both on the outside and inside so that a burglar can’t smash the glass, open it, or unlock it. No matter what type of lock you use, make sure to secure the deadbolt plate with 3-inch screws so that a burglar cannot easily remove it.

Install smart locks

  •       Smart locks are a great way to protect your doors. Although the details will vary from brand to brand, the basic installation process for most smart locks is the same.
  •       Tape the keyed side on the outside of your door to ensure it doesn’t fall off when you take it out.
  •       Next, unscrew the thumb latch on the inside of your door and take it out. You may also find an additional plate beneath the door; if this is the case, remove it.
  •       To secure the mounting plate of the smart lock in place, use the screws that you took out from the thumb latch.
  •       Attach the smart latch to your mounting plate using any of the adaptors provided.
  •       Follow the instructions on the smart lock to set it up and get it connected to your smartphone.

You should assess the strength of your doors.

Some thieves won’t bother with your locks, but will instead try to take down your doors. You can make it difficult for them by making sure your doors are in great shape.

Check the material first. Do you have a door made of metal or solid hardwood? How about the frame? You may need to replace your doors if you notice any splintering.

You should feel the door much heavier than interior doors that have hollow cores.

Are there windows on your door? Check to see if they are within 40 inches from the lock. A thief might break them and gain entry to the door if they are. You can either replace the door with one made of solid material or use shatterproof polycarbonate to replace it.

Check your hinges while you are at it. You should place them on the inside of your door and not the outside where thieves can take them out.

Slider doors can be a convenient way for criminals to gain access. Make sure they are locked and secured. To prevent doors opening, install interior safety bars. You might also consider installing floor bolts or foot locks to increase safety. You can cover glass doors that aren’t shatterproof with thin sheets made of plexiglass to slow down any attempts at breaking. You can also install door sensors to be alerted if there is any trouble.

How do I secure my Windows?

Windows are another entry point into your home. It is a good idea to put locks on windows. Consider key locks for windows on the first floor so thieves don’t have access to them.

Do you prefer to leave your windows open? Window stops should be installed so they open only a few inches and not enough to allow someone to climb in. Window sensors can be installed, which, like door sensors will alert you to any problems and, in some cases, scare away burglars.

Window bars can be used to protect basement windows and first-floor windows located in high-crime areas. Thin sheets made of plexiglass can be placed over windows that are vulnerable to burglars. The best way to prevent burglars from breaking into your house is to plant bushes below the windows.

What else can I do to secure my home?

Even if you do everything right, there may be some weak points in your home security. These steps add an additional layer of protection.

Think Like a Burglar.

To find weaknesses in your home, you can use a burglar’s method of securing it. Avoid displaying expensive items, such as packaging, that might make you a target for robbers. Keep them inside, until trash day, then turn the telltale boxes upside down.

Many police departments also offer property inspections for free to help identify potential problems. To request a review, call their non-emergency phone number.

If you are away, hide.

Smart robbers will often look for empty homes. You can hide the fact that your home is empty by using your vacation security system. You can program exterior and interior lights to switch on and off at different times using smart home technology. You can avoid an empty house by setting up mail forwarding. This will help to prevent package theft and also reduce the appearance of an empty house.

Use a safe.

Be sure to lock your valuables in a safe if someone attempts to break into your home. To store valuable documents, cash, jewelry, and cash, you can use a safe. A smart safe, or one that opens automatically based on biometrics, is also available. Make sure the safe is not visible, such as behind a wall or in a closet.

Take Care with Keys

A risk can also be present if you have too many spare keys. You should only give keys to trusted people. Also, you can read reviews on contractors who may have access to your house on sites such as Yelp and HomeAdvisor.

You can hide a spare key by using a combination lockbox. This will prevent it from being left in an obvious place, such as under the doormat or in a pot. You can also avoid having to keep keys by installing a smart lock that gives visitors temporary codes.

Keep an eye out for environmental risks

Our safety and homes are not only at risk from criminals. Household hazards and environmental disasters are very real, particularly in certain parts of the country. They often strike when you least expect them. It is important to prepare for the worst.

You can work with your family to develop fire safety protocols. This includes a family evacuation plan, checking for hazards frequently, and testing your smoke detectors regularly. It’s also important to have carbon monoxide detectors.

You should be ready for flooding, regardless of whether you live in a flood plain. The weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable these days. It’s always a good idea have some supplies on hand for natural disasters, such as a few gallons water and food that can be stored.


While we all want to feel safe at home, there are still malicious people out there. It’s possible to keep ourselves safe by using home security systems, checking entry points, or securing our home networks. Peace of mind is the most important thing.

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