Wireless Intercom System for office

Choosing the Right Wireless Intercom System for office

If you run a small company or run a huge commercial office building it is your responsibility to make sure your office is secure and efficient as well as comfortable. One way to accomplish that is to purchase the office’s intercom systems that will benefit your company.

What do you mean by an office intercom as well as how can you pick the best one for your office? In this article we’ll take a look at the office intercom market and how they can improve the tenant satisfaction so that you can contract long-term, top-of-the-line leases.

Choosing the Right Wireless Intercom System for office

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What is an office intercom system?

An office intercom system one of the devices that facilitates conversations between two people and in some instances — controls access to property. Office intercoms permit employees to converse with co-worker’s in different rooms or to visitors through the front door of the building. Certain intercom systems for offices permit tenants to access the front door via a remote.

There are two kinds of intercoms for offices Intercoms for office use that are internally located and outside office intercoms.

Internal office intercoms are to communicate with those inside the office for example, co-worker’s or employees. A separate office intercom can be used for communication with outsiders of the building, for instance, visitors and delivery personnel.

Technologies for Business Intercoms

Audio intercom

In standard audio-only intercoms users press the door buzzer to initiate contact and then dial speakers in the system of intercom to ask for access. Certain audio systems include an index at the door’s panel that visitors can search through to locate the correct contact. If the user is able to recognize who the visitor is they can open the door lock either manually or remotely to permit access. Audio speaker systems can serve as an intercom system to the front or back doors of the business.

Intercom system for businesses are not the most secure means of controlling access. Users must rely on the voice of the guest as they do not have any other way of verifying their authenticity.

 Telephone intercom

Similar to audio intercoms, guests dial the number that is displayed on the door’s directory panel to make an appointment to gain access. The user can then open the door lock when they recognize the guest. Similar to audio systems, telephone intercom systems designed for workplaces rely on the voice to identify the visitor that provides a limited level of security. Office telephone systems that have intercoms can utilize mobile or landlines to connect users and visitors.

Video intercoms 

Video intercom systems for business provide an additional layer of security as they provide users with a visual representation of the person who is visiting. A high-definition video camera located at the door takes the picture of the person who is there and sends it to the device of the user or intercom on the desk. The user then grants access to the door and then release the lock.

Alongside enhanced security, video intercoms for business has many beneficial benefits, which will be explored in the sections below.

Wired intercoms 

Wired intercom systems for businesses connect substations and base stations using special cables. Wired systems are ideal for commercial applications which require only a limited quantity of connection points, such as for example , reception desks, security desks, or a limited number of users. The expense connected to hundreds users may be prohibitive.

Wireless intercoms 

Commercial wireless intercom systems use Wi-Fi to connect users with visitors. As long as the Wi-Fi system is equipped with adequate capacity, speed and range an office wireless intercom can be utilized to connect large amounts users to base stations or even for office-to-office intercom.

Networked Intercom

A networked intercom system makes use of the local or wide-area network to send signal from the base station the users that are connected to the network. Users are able to receive and answer access request made on devices that are connected via the workplace network.

Intercom components are essential to intercom systems in offices

Office intercoms that allow you to communicate with visitors and even open the front door remotely are made possible by both hardware as well as software.

These are four elements in office-intercom system:

Intercom Hardware

 In order to use Intercom, you’ll have to install the hardware at the front of your office. Delivery and visitors use this device to get the access of tenants. There may be a need for equipment in your building to allow tenants to talk to visitors and to open the door from a distance. But certain intercoms designed for offices make use of the smartphones of tenants instead of the hardware in the unit.


Doors release mechanisms:

office intercoms need an opening mechanism for doors to allow access to the property to guests.


Magnetic or electric locks:

You need to connect this device for door opening to either an electric strike or magnetic lock.

Software: You’ll require software to manage your system, manage access permissions and change tenant information. Pick an office intercom system that’s cloud-based, so you can manage it from any location from any device.

Office intercom systems of various types

There are two kinds of intercoms for offices:

  • Intercoms for offices in the office
  • Intercoms outside the office
  • Intercom system for the office.

If you require an intercom system to connect with your employees in your office for example, colleagues in another space — buy an office intercom for your workplace. The intercom systems come with numerous ‘substations’, or devices for calling, that are installed throughout the building. Substations are wall-mounted or placed on tables or desks.

Pro suggestion: Think of your internal intercom system for offices as an assortment of walkie-talkies. All you need to do is select the channel you want to talk to. Then, talk into the intercom to allow another person to listen and respond.


Intercom system for offices outside

If you’re looking for an intercom that allows tenants to talk with guests outside the building, and also open the door for them, you’ll require an office intercom that is external to the building.

The majority of office buildings require an arrangement to monitor guest and visitor access. They ensure security and allow access to the building to deliveries and visitors. If access to your property is essential to you, choose an office intercom system that is external that has some of the features listed below.


Office intercoms to allow property access should have:

A base station that has an index so that guests can find tenants who are in offices.

Substations that tenants are able to make use of to handle the calls of visitors. These substations may be installed as mounted in the wall or mobile applications that are installed on smartphones or tablets.

Door release mechanisms, so tenants can activate either magnetic or electric locks to unlock the door for guests.

What should you consider when purchasing the office-intercom to the business?

If you’re looking to invest into an intercom solution for your company, you’re likely to be thinking about which one to buy. Because every commercial structure is unique, it’s crucial to think about your needs and objectives prior to committing to one particular system.

Here are the five most important factors to take into consideration when buying an intercom for your office:

  • Wiring requirements for wires
  • Video capabilities
  • Installation costs and ease of installation
  • Is it an office or individual tenants
  • It can aid with deliveries
  1. Wiring requirements for wires

The wiring is an important aspect to think about as it impacts the price of your installation. It can also impact your guests and tenants encounter with an intercom.

Pick an office intercom system that It is connected directly to the internet

Does not require wiring between base station and the substation hardware

The installation of an intercom for offices system that involves wiring the whole building is laborious and costly. Furthermore, any future upgrades require rewiring of the entire structure. It’s the reason it’s better to buy an intercom system wireless for offices that rely on smartphones for access, not intercom hardware that is installed in every room.

However, the business wireless system should be connected to the internet via wired. Direct internet connectivity will eliminate any annoying WIFI or problems with cellular connectivity, which can hinder visitors and tenants from accessing your premises.

  1. Video capabilities

If you’re looking to buy an office intercom system, you should consider the option of a video intercom. Video intercoms are less risky and more efficient than audio-only systems since they let tenants view guests before allowing them into.

In addition, the majority of modern commercial intercoms take videos or photos every time a person enters the building, for extra security. Tenants and building staff can examine the report at any point.

  1. Installation costs and ease of installation

Budgeting is definitely top of the mind of every commercial property owner or manager. If you’re considering investing in an intercom for your office, it’s important to pick a durable and reliable one that doesn’t cost you a lot to install and maintain. It is best to select an office intercom that is wireless.

Wireless video intercoms allow you to benefit from useful features while reducing the cost of installation. With no wiring running throughout your structure, you’ll be able to simplify installing the process, and reduce costs. In addition, without installing sub-stations into each suite You’ll save on hardware costs and eliminate the hassle of managing several devices.

  1. Front desk vs. multi-tenant system

If you’re purchasing the office-specific intercom you’ll have to determine if it will make calls to the front desk, or to each tenant of the building, or both. If your commercial property features a front desk or building staff members in your lobby, it’s preferential to purchase an office intercom system that is multi-tenant which can handle both.

A multi-tenant arrangement more convenient for tenants who are able to speak directly with visitors It also reduces the time of front desk staff. If front desk staff don’t have to help every guest and courier. They can have time to concentrate on other work in the maintenance of the building.

An office intercom for multiple tenants is additionally more practical for tenants who work after hours. For example, if the front desk team goes home and closes the building at 6pm, but certain tenants are working late or work late, they are able to still make a reservation for food at dinner. This is because, the intercom for offices with multiple tenants is in front of the door the delivery staff can make calls directly to the tenant to gain access to the building.

  1. Facilitate deliveries

The food delivery during the off-hours isn’t the only delivery your commercial property receives. If you’re looking to purchase office intercom systems to provide access to your property, you’ll need one that will allow for each delivery throughout the day.

Your tenants are not the only ones purchasing business items, but employees are also ordering personal items delivered to the office in anxiety about the possibility of losing packages at home. The building you work in may have one however, what do you do to accommodate the numerous couriers who come and going every day?

A video intercom with a smart design at the entrance to the building is crucial for ensuring safety of the building and ensuring that deliveries are made. If couriers show up at the premises, all they need to do is input the delivery number they were assigned or contact a tenant directly.

Why do you require an office intercom system?

From small-scale entrepreneurs to managing big commercial buildings with many tenants, everyone can benefit from a workplace intercom system.

If you decide to purchase an office intercom to use for internal communications or access to property it will be a pleasure to use the ease of use. A streamlined communication system and the capability to provide remote access to properties will make your tenants’ lives more convenient. The main advantage of having office intercoms is the enhanced experience for tenants.

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If you choose to install an office intercom and an access door to your front door and you’ll also enjoy additional advantages like:

Easier deliveries:

Intercoms at the entry point ensures every tenant receives delivery services, including traditional food and package delivery services.


Security is enhanced:

By installing the office intercom installed at the entrance to your building and a security system that protects your building from uninvited guests while also making sure that tenants and authorized guests can enter the building swiftly.


Tenant retention:

The tenants working in a space that is secure and efficient will not want to quit. A business intercom system could increase the retention of tenants in your property.

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